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The CPU module delivers the core functionality while all of the application-specific features are designed into the baseboard creating a semi-custom embedded PC solution.
How to enable faster time-to-market and cost-effective customization alternatives? COM (Computer-On-Module) is the answer.
COMs are not only highly integrated component SBCs that support system expansion and application-specific customizations but also improving form, fit and function, minimizing current and future design risks. As well as providing lower product lifecycle costs through module scalability and interchangeability.


Portwell/embedded-logic Embedded product lines provide a wide range of selections from server grade to energy efficiency scale including Modules, 3.5’’, NANO-ITX, Mini-ITX, μATX, ATX, SBC, and Backplane. According to the form factors, Portwell/embedded-logic offers diverse products from high computing power to low power consumption devices. Products with high performance are equipped with not only the latest design but also various features which can precisely fulfill standard and customized demands. In another way, when energy-saving is the primary concern, energy efficiency is always the first target we are dedicated to. Therefore, in terms of power budget and green technology, Portwell’s designs are still able to perform with a minimum of power consumption suitable for numerous fields.
Due to our experience with customized projects, our reliable solutions can be adopted and applied to multiple applications such as ATM, Kiosk, Digital Signage, POS (Point-Of-Sale), Lottery, Vending, Gaming, Factory automation, Industrial control, Transportation, Medical and Energy.

PPC (Panel PC)

PPC (Panel PC) is a BU dedicated to providing IPC customers with products of TFT-LCD display related industrial-grade Panel PC (PPC). PPC is suitable for applications not only in the Factory Automation (FA), but also for that in Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical FA, Order-taking Machine, Vending Machine, Exhibition Kiosk, Building Automation and Warehouse Management. 


Portwell/embedded-logic Intelligent Fan-less System
Compact, Flexible, Rugged Computing Systems

With leading embedded computing technology, Portwell has developed the industrial grade fan-less computing systems for harsh environment such as factory automation, transportation, facility management, networking and public works.
To meet these harsh environmental parameters, each computing system is designed by precise thermal simulation and verification to make the system stable and user friendly.
The all-aluminum chassis design provides effective heat dissipation and transfers the heat out of the system quickly and easily.
Built with the latest Intel® chipsets, the systems feature not only superior performance but also low power consumption. They are suitable for energy-critical applications and environmental friendly.


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