Customized embedded design solutions

Top 7 advantages of Custom Designs

  1. realization of individual circuit wishes more
    Conversion of the innovative and complicated requirements which are not realizable with standard products.
  2. Realization of individual Board dimensions (Size)
    Applications with the special, mostly small dimensions which are not realizable with standard products.
  3. Production of additional system security MTBF
    Discontinuation (renunciation) of unnecessary plugconnections (corrosion) by integration of the circuits which are on separate boards. Thereby higher integration, additional application possibly (undeveloped outskirt area, hand hero, MIL, Space, navigation, etc.).
  4. Competitiveness
    Projection by technology. Customized designs (individual system solutions) optimize the competitiveness. They allow by alone position signs like function, operational safety and low dimensions of the system, additional outlets which are not realizable with standard products. 
  5. Copy security
    Customized applications have the additional advantage that a copy is not possible in this individual technology practically.
  6. Low numbers of pieces
    Customized designs are not necessarily dependent only on the number of pieces. Function, valency and terms are decisive. A customized design based on Intel PentiumM with 300 pieces per year more than 3 to 5 years is interesting genaus as commercially as 3000 pieces based Low Cost design for the same period. 
  7. Long time availability
    By component care specially furnished for customized designs makes sure embedded-logic that customized designs are available by request of the customer up to 10 years.


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