Portwell embedded-logic – A Global Company

embedded-logic has it´s registered headquarter in Edling/Germany and develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide Embedded-Computer- Board (ECB). Our core competences lie in the areas development and distribution.

We set standards in regarding flexibility and efficiency by cooperating with worldwide leading hard- and software manufacturers. Our success is due to expeditious realizations of customer oriented solutions (Customer Designs) and our standard products.

Other factors of success are proximity to customers, technology transfer and support as well as the implementation of increasing performance and miniaturisation of our boards.In our development centers experienced hard- and software engineers develop standard and customised boards. We offer technical support to all our customers in order to make our products come into operation soonest possible (time-to-market).

embedded-logic has qualified several manufacturers for the production of its high complex computer boards. Therewith consistent quality as well as consistent utilization of production can be assured. Worldwide materials procurement and flexible manufacturing processes allow limited-lot productions as well as high volumes at reasonable prices.

Comprehensive service benefits such as screenings (test in extended temperature range) and coating against corrosion complete the versatility and allow additional applications.


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