The PB-Vortex-DX3 with the dimensions 90x96mm is based on the DM & P Vortex86-DX3 system on chip (SoC). The clock frequency of the Vor- tex86-DX3 dual core processor is 1GHz. The soldered 2GB (DDR3L, 1333) memory allows the use in rough industrial environment. A complete ISA bus and PCI interface make the PC/104 board an all-rounder and a per- fect replacement of discontinued x86-based PC/104 boards. Serial bus interfaces are available via SM and I²C. The TDP of about 6 watts allows passive cooling. Dual display via CRT and 18/24bit single-channel LVDS is supported. The board has 2x Ethernet (10/100 and 10/100/1000 Mbit) ports, 4xUSB 2.0, 2x COM, one SATA connector for HDD, mSD Card and M.2 socket. An absolute highlight is the soldered mass memory (option) with up to 64GB eMMC Flash, as well as an I/O interface GPIO with 4 in & 4 out lines.


·        DMP Vortex86 DX3-9126 CPU

·        A2GB DDR3L-1067/1333 on board

·        RS232/422/485, USB, GPIO, M.2 socket

·        Sound over pin connector

·        6-7 W power consumption 

·        -20C° to +70°C operating temp

Technische Daten

Size / Format 96mm x 90mm (116mm) / PC/104
CPU DMP Vortex86 DX3-9126 CPU
CPU Socket no, Ball Grid Array
CPU Clock Speed up to 1.0 GHz
Chipset Integrated in SoC
Cache L2 / Instruction Set 512 kB
System Memory 2 GB DDR3L-1067/1333 on board
Storage 4 GB eMMC on board
Video Controller UMA architecture, VGA controller, 2D Graphics
Video Memory  
CRT 1x (1920 x 1200)
LCD 1x 18/24bit LVDS
ISA BUS 1x PC/104™
PCI™ BUS 1x PCI-104™
COM 1x RS232, 1x RS232/422/485
Keyboard/Mouse via PS/2
USB 4x USB 2.0
SATA 1x SATA III (1.5 Gbit/s) / M.2 Socket (2242 only)
Ethernet 1x GbE (Intel® i211AT) 1x Fast Ethernet
IR Interface -
GPIO 4x in & 4x out
Sound reserved 26 pin connector
Bios AMI® 64Mbits SPI Flash
Power Requirement 5V DC (AT/ATX mode by jumper)
Power Consumption 6W - 7 W
Watchdog N/A
Battery -
Cooling Type passive
Operating Temp. -20C° to +70°C
Extended Temp. optional
CPU DMP Vortex86
Code Name DMP Vortex86 DX3-9126 CPU
Cache L2 512 KB
Cores 2
Clock 1.0 GHz
Max Turbo -
Memory Size 2 GB
Memory Type DDR3-1333
Bestellinformationen  Optionen  
Article Part-No. Description
PB-VORTEX-DX3 ABD-3010 PB-VORTEX-DX3, 1.0GHz, 4GB eMMC, 2GB RAM, passive cooling
PB-VORTEX-DX3 AB1-3G03 PB-VORTEX-DX3, 1.0GHz, 4GB eMMC, 2GB RAM, active cooling
Options Part-No. Description
Option-ET1 G93030 Ext. Temp. -40°C to +85°C
Accessories Part-No. Description
Dual GbE AB9-3349 Dual GbE Adapter Board
SATA Signal cable B6903690 1x7 pin, 200mm
SATA PWR cable B6903720 1x2 pin, 180mm
VGA cable B6903710 2x8 pin, 200mm
KB/MS connector B504E670 1x6 pin, 170mm
SB Pinheader B504E680 2x5 pin, 245mm
COM1+COM2 Pinheader B504E690 2x5 pin, 135mm
LAN1/2 Pinheader B504E710 bundled with Dual LAN adaptor, 2x15 pin, 200mm
Audio Adapter Card B4728130 Audio Adapter


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