Form Factors

Embedded Computer Form Factors

(Embedded Computer Board graphical comparison of physical sizes)


Though not the first to enter the embedded computer market, Portwell embarked on this business with richer knowledge on market features and more accumulated experience from customer interactions. Upon Portwell Product Marketing strategy on Embedded Computer solutions, here is what we insist in:

Qseven™,   ETX,   COM Express,   Nano-ITX,   Mini-ITX,   3.5" SBC,   PC/104-plus


114(L) x 95(W) mm; 4.5"(L) x 3.7" (W)

Embedded Technology Extended (ETX) modules are very compact highly integrated computers. All ETX modules have a standardized form factor and a standardized connector layout that carry a specified set of signals....


120(W) x 120(L) mm; 4.72"(W) x 4.72"(L)

The NANO-ITX form factor, was defined by the chipset manufacturers in Taiwan. It measures 120 x 120mm, and is fully integrated, very low power consumption main boards...


170(W) x 170(L) mm; 6.69"(W) x 6.69"(L)

The Mini-ITX form factor, was defined by the chipset manufacturers in Taiwan, is a highly integrated, all-in-one x86-based embedded computer board that measures a mere 170 x 170mm...

3.5" SBC

146(W) x102(L) mm; 5.75"(W) x 4.0"(L)

3.5" ESB is a de-facto standard for Taiwanese Industrial PC makers and is broadly adopted by customers. It is characterized by its 3.5" device size...


96mm x 90mm (115.6mm)

Following the industrial standard set by PC/104 consortium, PC/104 and PC/104-plus are defined as a mini PC module with ISA extension (PC/104) and with PCI extension (PC/104-plus) functionality individually.

COM Express

A Computer-On-Module, or COM, is a module with all components necessary for a bootable host computer, packaged as a super component. A COM requires a Carrier Board to bring out I/O and to power up...

Qseven (Q7)

The Qseven concept is an off-the-shelf, multi vendor, Single-Board-Computer that integrates all the core components of a common PC and is mounted onto an application specific carrier board..


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